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A customised widget service that helps people to use

'Study with me' contents effectively.


Product Manager

UX|UI Design


Kakao corp.


5 Weeks (2021)


(Work in process) Sorry, The contents will be updated soon !


The goal of the project was to create a global service for the MZ(Millennial and generation Z) generation. In order to attract global users, we had to analyze trends and seize opportunities for new services. While finding new opportunities, our team realized that the video content that filmed a person who study called "Study with me" began to gain sensational popularity among the MZ generation, including students, job seekers, and office workers. However, as it is still in its early stages, we found that there is a lack of effective use of the content. So, we planned a service that improves this. Additionally, we thought of ways to expand the service by expanding the content.

So, the project goals are

1. Creating widgets that provide the functions people need for studying.

2.  Providing 'study with me' content that is not mixed with other entertainment content.

3. Including the function that people can communicate with others in the same situation and refresh themselves.

As a result, our team got the first prize at the company's demo day and got a patent.


"Studying" is very difficult for students regardless of the time. We have tried to overcome the difficulties by using products like 'MC Square' to enhance the ability to focus, using various tools that can help us study, and gathering with friends to study.

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To combat the lack of concentration surrounding studying, a growing number of students have turned to YouTube for motivation. Study with me videos have gained popularity as a way for students to get motivated and inspired. 

The 'Study with me' videos got more than 197 million hits on YouTube

<The number of YouTube viewers>









YouTube Culture & Trends


The MZ generation wants to feel like studying together even online. So, they do the zoom calls during study time and show that they study hard. Also, They are familiar with using applications such as a calendar and timer. And, Most of the 'study with me' content creators are MZ generation. Also, the MZ generation has been used to studying while listening to ASMR or watching videos.

Study with online friends

The MZ generation does online zoom study with other people to feel they study together



Use applications to study

They use various applications such as calendars, checklists, and timers together.

Prefer to watch ASMR contents while studying 

They feel like they are in a particular place or situation through content.


Entertainment and 'Study with me' contents are shown together on the same screen

So, people can be easily distracted

스크린샷 2022-06-25 오전 3.28.23.png

I was determined to study, but my eyes kept on bts....



It's inconvenient to use several tools that I need...

Cam Study

스터디 글씨-02.png

The needed functions for studying are scattered on the various applications

So, people need to find the functions continuously, and cannot use them in one place.

스크린샷 2022-06-25 오전 3.28.35.png

It's hard to communicate with people in various ways

But, people want to be motivated when they study, and sympathised with others when they have a break at the same time

I want to be motivated by other people while studying


But, want to be sympathized and communicate with others as well



Entertainment and 'Study with me' contents are shown together on the same screen

Only the 'Study with me' contents will be shown without other contents


The needed functions for studying are scattered on the various applications

The needed functions can be gathered and selected by the widget service


Entertainment and 'Study with me' contents are shown together on the same screen

People can choose their way of interaction with others by selecting the widget



It motivates me to see a student studying at Oxford. I want to study more efficiently with other functions


During the tough job preparation period, I want to feel like studying with people and feel comforted when I rest

Ann Altar

Sua Lee

17 y/o.   High School Student

who wants to go to Oxford University

Ann uses tools such as various timers and a to-do list with videos when she studies. However, when using this, it experienced the inconvenience of having to move and use multiple applications, which disrupted concentration. So, she wants to use the integrated services that contain study tools. She also wants to be motivated and competitive by studying with people with the same goals.

24 y/o.   University Student

who wants to get a job at Kakao

Sua wants to study with people who are in the same state and feel like studying together even from afar.

And she sometimes wants to endure the hard process of being comforted by each other when she takes a break.



Map-based search

Through the research, we realised that most of the videos taken based on a specific place were uploaded such as Oxford university library, and terrasse in Paris. So, we decided that people can easily look around and check the contents on the map.

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Widget service

People can choose the tools they need such as timer, attendance check and use them with 'Study with me' content.

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Widgets for studying more efficiently and being motivated

Widgets for refreshing people's mind

Customizable Widgets

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